APFC offers a number of services to its members and non-members. They include:

Presentations and Workshops – offered to members and non-members alike. Presentations are offered at reduced prices for Program Members. Click here to view Presentations, with descriptions.


Curriculum – offered to student Flight Chaplains, working Flight Chaplains, and trauma chaplains and staff working in trauma hospitals. Click here to view Curriculum, with descriptions.


Information, handouts, and assistance – offered to any person or organization, member or non-member, inquiring about how to support air medical transport crews and staff, APFC’s mission, membership, the role of the Flight Chaplain, etc..


Mentoring, teaching, and support – offered to any student Flight Chaplain and working Flight Chaplain members. Personal twice monthly mentoring, teaching, and pastoral support are a benefit of membership, offered under the direction of the APFC Flight Chaplain Work and Advisory Committee.


Organizational or corporate logo displayed on APFC website, as well as program information – for Program Members (optional).


Organizational or corporate logo displayed in exhibit booth material, as well as program information, at various conferences – for Program Members (optional).