New Flight Chaplain – Derek Henson, Mercy Life Line/ Mercy EMS, Springfield, MO

SONY DSCCongratulations to Derek Henson on becoming the first-ever Flight Chaplain at Mercy Life Line/ Mercy EMS in Springfield, MO. “We’re thrilled for Derek, and welcome him into the community of professional flight chaplains. We want to thank especially, DJ Satterfield, Administrative Director, and Darren Tourville, Pastoral Services Manager, for creating the very first flight chaplain position at Mercy,” said Amelie Buchanan, Board Chair, Assn. of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC). In July, Flight Chaplain Derek’s hours will increase, assisting him in providing support to the Mercy Kids Transport Team and to the adult transport teams at Mercy. “It’s a tribute to Derek, and to DJ Satterfield and Darren Tourville, that Derek’s hours have been increased in such a short period of time,” said Buchanan.

Increasingly the positive benefits of a flight chaplain for flight/transport crews and programs are being recognized by flight program directors and CAMTS. “The services of a flight chaplain can dramatically improve crew wellbeing, which impacts safety and the quality of medical care provided by crew members,” said Buchanan.

March 29, 2015 | Blog