Flight Chaplain John Morgan honored at AMTC by APFC

John Morgan, Flight Chaplain for Akron Children’s Hospital, was honored and recognized by the Assn. of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC) at its reception at AMTC for his caring service to his crews, patients and families, and for the unique ways he has advanced the work of APFC.

The reception was a festive and joyful celebration of John and his work, and of APFC’s Best Practices document, which is now a part of the 2017 CAMTS Best Practices publication. “John is very thoughtful and caring in his support and service to his crews, patients and families,” said Amelie Buchanan, Board Chair of APFC at the reception. She noted that John has served in the role of Flight Chaplain for over three years. At the reception, Ms. Buchanan also recognized John’s parents, who drove from South Carolina to be at the reception. John and his parents were warmly received by all who were present, including the Akron Children’s crews and Dr. Bigham, Akron Children’s Medical Director, who also attended the reception.

Ms. Buchanan also spoke about John’s participation in the work of APFC, and said that he was the first ever Flight Chaplain to take APFC’s curriculum. “John is a tremendous student. He’s diligent, he asks great questions and is dedicated to learning,” said Buchanan. “He found our curriculum to be fresh and new, and helpful in his work. He’s also very honest, which we appreciate greatly as we continue to refine the curriculum.” John is currently participating in the development of new APFC curriculum with the other members of the APFC Curriculum and Advisory committee.

John succeeds Mitchell Holley, who was the first ever Flight Chaplain at Akron Children’s. The APFC Board is grateful to the program managers at Akron Children’s, Dr. Bigham, Medical Director, Dr. Michael Bird, Vice President, Medical Services, and to Karen Ballard, Director, Chaplaincy Services for their support over the years. Not only has Akron Children’s institutionalized the position of Flight Chaplain, but they have consistently supported APFC’s service and development through Akron Children’s ongoing Flight Program membership in APFC.

November 27, 2017 | Blog