Dr. David Thomson, Medical Director, and Lisa Hermann, Flight Chaplain, EastCare Transport, Greenville, NC, honored by APFC.

Dr. David Thomson, medical director, and Lisa Hermann, first-ever flight chaplain at EastCare Transport, were honored by the Association of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC) at its annual reception at AMTC in December. Together Dr. Thomson and Lisa pioneered the role of Flight Chaplain at EastCare.

Dr. Thomson was recognized for his work in creating the flight chaplain position where none existed before. He invited Lisa to apply for the position for many different reasons. The reasons are obvious. Not only was Lisa a fine trauma chaplain, but she enhanced her role in a special way by incorporating puppets into her work with her pediatric patients and their families. Her little patients loved ‘Manny, the Medic,’ who was at Lisa’s side throughout her service as flight chaplain at EastCare.

‘Manny helped our kids to laugh and relax, and helped lower their anxiety,’ said Lisa. ‘Our parents, too, appreciated this unique form of support for their children.’ Lisa was excited about the opportunity to care for the crews at EastCare, as well, and grateful she was able to use her considerable skills and training during her time as flight chaplain. She served until 2015, when she left to be closer to family. She looks forward to serving again as a flight chaplain at some point in the future.

Many friends and supporters of APFC were in attendance at the reception in December. They included Rick Sherlock, CEO, AAMS; APFC board members; crews and staff from Boston MedFlight, Bedford, MA; CareFlite, Ft. Worth, TX; Akron Children’s Hospital, Akron, OH; Cox Air Care, Springfield, MO; Florida Flight 1, Orlando, FL; and Flight for Life CO, Denver, CO.

The Association of Professional Flight Chaplains is headquartered in Denver, CO. Amelie Buchanan is board chair and co-founder. For more information about other board members and about APFC, go to www.flightchaplain.org.

June 13, 2017 | Blog