Our People:

Program Director: Kathleen Mayer
Chief Flight Nurses: Teresa Elder, Chief Flight Nurse for Clinical Programs, and Brian Hendrix, Chief Flight Nurse for Operations
Medical Director: Michael Brunko, MD, Chief Medical Director

Our Mission Statement:

Flight for Life Colorado will provide excellent patient care and transportation by supporting a highly specialized team of self-managing critical care transport professionals who extend hospital resources into the community and are committed to personal and professional growth and participation in regional education and research programs.

Support for our Crew Members, Staff and Patients:

Flight for Life believes that the suffering of our crewmembers, secondary to vicarious trauma or post-traumatic stress disorders, is wasteful of their talent, and a burden we should help them avoid. We initiated our flight chaplain program to mitigate the effects of workplace-induced stress and reduce “burnout” and compassion fatigue. The flight chaplain provides our crewmembers with the opportunity to talk about their difficult experiences with a non-judgmental, supportive and compassionate person.

Our Program History:

Flight for Life Colorado was founded in 1972 by St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, CO, and has been in service for forty-four years. It serves a nine-state area with six helicopters (Lakewood, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Durango and Frisco), three fixed wing aircraft (Englewood and Durango), and five ambulances (three critical care and two ALS/ BLS in Denver and Frisco). The program responds to scene and inter-facility requests.