Testimonies – Kristina Reavis

Why is a Flight Chaplain important to me? On my first ‘real’ scene flight as a rotor wing flight nurse, I found myself doing all of my procedures – in a field, with tons of bystanders, on a police officer cardiac arrest. After transporting our patient from the scene to… Read More

Testimonies – Christopher Smith

As a Communications Specialist you are always a little disconnected from the “outside world” and sometimes feel forgotten. I appreciated how attentive our Flight Chaplain was to every member of the team, from the Flight Crews to the Mechanics. She seemed to know just when to walk through the door… Read More

Testimonies – Mark Stroh

Flight Chaplains help guide you through your darkest days. My first experience with a Flight Chaplain wasn’t after a difficult flight. It was the result of my brother’s traumatic death. My brother and his flight chaplain worked closely together, and although his passing was difficult, the Flight Chaplain was still… Read More