Tammi-Wallace-WoodBoard member, APFC
Critical care Flight/ Transport Nurse, Boston MedFlight
Bedford, Massachusetts

Tammi Wallace-Wood is a critical care flight/ transport nurse for Boston Medflight, Bedford, MA, and has served as a flight/ transport nurse for over 12 years. In her current role, Ms. Wallace Wood serves as a clinical educator and base manager at Boston Medflight.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Wallace-Wood served as a flight/ transport nurse for a major program serving the Rocky Mountain region. She twice presented at AMTC during that time, and was a preceptor and specialty educator. She also coordinated the Avalanche Deployment program, as well as the Search and Rescue program for the State of Colorado.

During that time, Ms. Wallace-Wood found herself consumed by her work. She no longer found meaning in her career, and ‘was ready to walk out the door.’ After six years, she was burned out, angry, and divorced. ‘What foresight our program manager had to provide a flight chaplain for us,’ says Wallace-Wood. She and her flight chaplain had many talks, and ‘our flight chaplain helped change my heart. She helped me to feel again and heal.’ The flight chaplain also taught her about the importance of having a healthy work-life balance, says Ms. Wallace-Wood. Now, she’s found a new love for her work, and gives it her all, but ‘I’m also able to protect myself and my family from burnout,’ says Ms. Wallace Wood.

When not working, Ms. Wallace-Wood spends her time enjoying being ‘a wife, an aunt, a farmer, and mom to two dogs and two horses.’ She is also secretary of her church, and serves on the Board of Health of Brimfield, MA.