Gary-KruegerTreasurer, Board of Directors and Board member, APFC
Chief Financial Officer (retired), Church Administrator
Aurora, Colorado

Mr. Krueger has over 33 years of experience in public and non-profit financial management, including business planning, budgeting, accounting and auditing.

Currently, Mr. Krueger serves as a church administrator for New Life EFC. He is responsible for managing the financial and business affairs of the church, and overseeing the church’s $1.2 million budget. He also directs, and is responsible for, the implementation of the church’s strategic planning processes, and supervises the church’s administrative and facilities staff.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Krueger enjoyed a 31 year career with the Colorado Department of Revenue, retiring in July, 2006. During his career, he served as the Department’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for 15 years, and as the Department’s Budget Director for 16 years.

In those capacities, he was responsible for overseeing the $200 million,1,500 employee operating budget, the capital construction and controlled maintenance budgets, and the $9.0 billion revenue accounting system. He managed all of the Department’s budget control and reporting. He also was responsible for the coordination and interaction of the Department of Revenue with the Governor’s budget office, the State Controller’s Office, the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee and the State Auditor’s Office. Part of his duties also included responsibility for developing and coordinating the Department’s strategic and business plans. As CFO, he directly supervised the Department’s Controller, and seven senior budget staff. He was also the appointing authority for 70 budgeting and accounting staff.

Mr. Krueger received a B.A. in political science from the University of Colorado, and a Master’s of Public Administration, also from the University of Colorado.