Amelie BuchananBoard Chair, Co-founder
Curriculum Committee
Flight Chaplain, 2003 – 2008
Denver, Colorado

The Rev. Amelie Buchanan was the first Flight Chaplain to serve in a flight/ transport program in the U.S., and pioneered the role of Flight Chaplain. In the air medical transport program she served, she flew and worked with crews at every base on all aircraft and vehicles. She was responsible for providing emotional and spiritual support to crews and staff, as well as patients and families during transport. In that role, she developed and presented continuing education programs for crew members and staff on topics related to the spiritual and emotional dimensions of critical care transport. In 2007, she presented at the national Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC). The response was overwhelming, making clear the need for Flight Chaplains across the country.

In 2008, Rev. Buchanan joined with a flight nurse and seminary graduate, and co-founded the Association of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC). After five years working as a Flight Chaplain, she left her position to serve, develop and work for APFC full time.

Rev. Buchanan is a Parish Associate at her church, where she has taught and preached. Prior to her service in ministry, she was an attorney and served in government. She has taught at area universities in values and ethics, and religious freedom and the law.

Ms. Buchanan received her B.A. from Yale Univ., and her J. D. from the Univ. of Denver. She graduated from the Iliff School of Theology with honors, where she received a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.). Rev. Buchanan did her Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training at St. Anthony Hospital, Denver, CO, completing a second year residency in trauma. Rev. Buchanan is an ordained Minister of Word & Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA).

Ms. Buchanan loves to laugh. She enjoys urban and mountain life, and is devoted to her family and friends. Widowed early, she came to appreciate the gift of life as never before. With gratitude and joy she serves APFC.