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APFC Cox Air Care Photo Buddy Liggenstoffer
Buddy Liggenstoffer, Flight Chaplain, Cox Air Care, Springfield, MO
The Association of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC) is a 501(c)(3) interfaith professional pastoral care association which operates in the field of flight medicine and transport. We are providers of pastoral care and are endorsed by faith groups to serve flight crews, staff and patients in emotional, physical and spiritual need. We operate in diverse flight settings and seek to serve crews, patients and programs.

Our Mission

1. We are called to provide pastoral care and support to flight crews, programs and staff in the field of flight medicine.

2. We are called to provide spiritual support to patients and their families during transport.

3. We are called to create Flight Chaplain positions in air medical transport programs, through the education, training, and certification of Professional Flight Chaplains.

Charter Members