Dr. David Thomson, Medical Director, and Lisa Hermann, Flight Chaplain

Dr. David Thomson, Medical Director, and Lisa Hermann, Flight Chaplain, EastCare Transport, Greenville, NC, honored by APFC.

Dr. David Thomson, medical director, and Lisa Hermann, first-ever flight chaplain at EastCare Transport, were honored by the Association of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC) at its annual reception at AMTC in December. Together Dr. Thomson and Lisa pioneered the role of Flight Chaplain at EastCare.

Dr. Thomson was recognized for his work in creating the flight chaplain position where none existed before. He invited Lisa to apply for the position for many different reasons. Read More

Flight Program Charter Members

The Association of Professional Flight Chaplains (APFC) is a 501(c)(3) interfaith professional pastoral care association that operates in the field of flight medicine and transport. We are providers of pastoral care and are endorsed by faith groups to serve flight/ transport crews, staff and programs across the country.

Our Mission

  1. We provide emotional, physical and spiritual care and support to flight/ transport crews working in transport programs across the country.
  2. We provide emotional and spiritual support to critical care patients and their families before, during and after transport.
  3. We train, educate and certify professional Flight Chaplains for service in flight/ transport programs.
  4. We advocate for and assist in creating Flight Chaplain positions across the country.